Companies Act 2013: Criminal Liability Of Directors And Key Managerial Persons

While registered companies are considered separate legal entities, they rely on various officers to act and take necessary decisions on their behalf to function in a manner that is efficient and compliant with legal obligations. This fiduciary responsibility is assigned to its directors and key managerial persons (collectively referred to as “officers”). Such officers are required to discharge their […]

Enforceability Of Emergency Arbitration Award Under Indian Law

Emergency arbitration is a concept that allows a party to apply for urgent temporary relief before an arbitration tribunal has been officially established. Simply put, emergency arbitration is a time-bound and short-term solution for parties that are not in a position to wait for the formation of the arbitral tribunal. Any emergency relief granted takes […]

Examining Landslide Changes To New Labour Laws – Latest Rules On Employee’s Compensation

The Code on Social Security 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “SS Code, 2020”) was passed in Parliament in September 2020, but implementation was postponed due to the non-issuing of notifications by the States. The SS Code, 2020 aims to merge eight existing labour laws including Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923, Employees State Insurance Act, 1948, Employee’s […]

Guide To Setting Up A Branch Office In India

Expanding a business in a new jurisdiction is always a step that comes with all sorts of challenges and decisions. One of the most crucial points to consider when expanding is the setting up of a branch office in a new jurisdiction – doing so provides the company with an opportunity to explore and analyse […]

Entry And Exit Strategies For Businesses: An Overview

Entry And Exit Strategies – An establishment, private in terms of holdings, limited by securities of varying proportions – from equity to preference to debentures, guarantees etc. – carrying along with it differential rights accorded thereof, will, at a certain point of time, look at expansion. Expansion translates directly into money. More manpower, more office […]

Companies Act Amended – Further Advances In The Ease Of Doing Business

“There has been a debate about building into statutes, criminal liability for acts that are civil in nature. Hence, for Companies Act, certain amendments are proposed to be made that will correct this.” [1] The views expressed in this excerpt from India’s 2020-2021 Union Budget Speech have been incorporated in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ […]

Transparency and Insider Trading during COVID-19

Insider Trading During COVID 19: Opportunity Amidst a Crisis The novel coronavirus is moulding the securities market in unique and unprecedented ways. Currently, the corporate world is facing financial upheaval. In this time of economic uncertainty, opportunity and intention to engage in COVID-19-related insider trading has increased significantly. It poses as a profitable opportunity for […]