Regulatory Framework of the Valuation Profession

Laws Applicable on Valuation Professional in India The valuation profession in India dates back to pre-independence-era. The valuation professionals render their services by providing the value of any asset, in a particular context. Such professionals cater their services to their customers as required under various laws such as company law, banking law, tax law, insolvency […]

A Highway Heist and a Scot-free let go

Failing Firm Defence as a Tool in the Landscape of Mergers The first question that routes into understanding would be, what is a failing firm and a defence in connection to the same. This means a commercial failure of the target firm as a consequential bearing of a prohibited merger, and the prohibition being used […]

RBI repudiates the first ever merger attempt between a bank and a NBFC

A merger between the banks is not a new trend in the Indian banking sector. In fact, the very first  merger in the Indian banking sector  took place in the year 1921 between the three presidency banks namely the Bank of Bengal, the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras when the three banks […]