The Model Tenancy Act 2021: Impact On Real Estate Investment

The enactment concerning the proper mechanism of rent control in India and other allied issues between the landlord and tenant came into effect vide approval of the Union Cabinet on June 2nd 2021, thereby introducing the Model Tenancy Act, 2021 (“Act”). The Act aims to establish Rent Authority to regulate renting of premises and to […]

The Model Tenancy Act 2021: A Complete Analytical Breakdown

Model Tenancy Act 2021 – Given that the biggest challenge in the rental market across the country is to bridge the long-lasting trust deficit between landlords and tenants, a framework law for renting premises backed with an effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanism was the need of the hour. After almost two years of announcing […]

The Constitutional Validity Of WB-HIRA

In 2017, the State of West Bengal introduced the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act, 2017 (“WB-HIRA”). The main objective of the Act was to regularise and promote the housing sector and to ensure the sale of plots, apartment buildings, or sale of real estate in an effective and translucent manner to protect the interest of consumers in real estate projects. After it came into existence, […]

Claiming Of Title Over Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession Law: Claiming of Title of Immovable Property Adverse possession is acquiring the title of immovable property by a person who is already in possession of the property despite not being the owner. If a person resides and possesses the property for a minimum of twelve years without any interruption from the owner, then […]

Model Tenancy Law

There are various laws and regulations governing tenancy and relation between landlords and tenants in India. Matters which are not governed by the state acts are dealt with the Transfer of Property Act, 1882. In spite of several laws, there have always been differences and disputes between landlords and tenants. Codified legislation for rent matters […]

Agreement Of Sale In RERA And Registration Act: A Conflict Yet Unresolved

The Validity of Sale Agreement Under RERA: The Unresolved Conflict Ownership over any immovable property should be clear and marketable and it is said to be as such only on execution of sale deed. However, in practice, purchasers execute an agreement of sale as a precautionary in spite of being aware that it does not […]


Force Majeure and House Rent: Findings of Court on Rent Liability Amidst COVID-19 The countrywide lockdown imposed to combat the Coronavirus has sent shockwaves across the economy. The spending power of people has gradually decreased as compared to what it used to be before the imposition of lockdown. This has also impacted the landlord-tenant relations […]

Investing in Land just isn’t Real Estate, It’s a State of Mind

Land and Real Estate in 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has redefined the ‘new normal’. The pandemic has triggered a recession which has pushed the world economy towards a downfall, steeper than the Great Depression of the 1930s. The pandemic has made both short term and long term effects on the world economy. In short-term, […]

Measures taken by the Tamil Nadu Govt. to safeguard the Real Estate Sector

Tamil Nadu Govt Provides Measures to Mend Real Estate Sector It is not unknown that the Real Estate Sector of India is currently facing a crisis due to the ongoing lockdown, however, even before the lockdown, the sector was already in a critical situation due to various factors like losses incurred because of unsold units, […]

South Indian States On Law Relating To Purchase And Sale Of Agricultural Land

Guide to Purchase Sale of Agricultural Land in South India Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said, “Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economy”. In other words, the majority of the population was dependent on agriculture. So the government took steps to improve agriculture by introducing modern technology and other necessary measures. However, the growth of the […]