Aarogyapath: A Web-Based Solution For The Healthcare Supply Chain

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In the wake of a global pandemic, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) launched a National Health Supply Chain portal called AarogyaPath on 12th June, 2020. The portal aims at providing real time availability of critical healthcare supplies to manufactures, suppliers and customers. The healthcare supply chain was severely disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ability to produce and deliver the critical healthcare goods was compromised. Therefore, to tackle with the healthcare needs of the nation, this information management and forecasting databases platform was created with a vision of “providing a path which leads one on a journey towards Aarogya (healthy life).”

AarogyaPath Portal provides one-stop solution for the availability of healthcare goods including Test Kits, Primary medical supplies, Diagnostic instruments and accessories, Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”), Hospital Assistive Devices, etc. The production and supply of these essential products was compromised due to various reasons such as, shortage of raw material for manufacturing these goods, hoarding, panic buying, import dependence and geopolitical considerations.

AarogyaPath, as a public platform, will help healthcare users or facilitators including hospitals, pathology laboratories, research institutes, medical colleges and individual patients. It will facilitate the customers to avoid various issues experienced on a daily basis such as dependence on limited suppliers, time-consuming processes to identify good quality products, limited access to suppliers who can supply standardized products at reasonable prices within desired timelines, lack of awareness about the latest product launches, etc.

The portal is useful for creating business opportunities as it provides competitive business information for manufacturers and suppliers as they have access to wide network of customers. This lessens the connectivity gap between them and potential demand centres such as hospitals, medical stores etc. It will also create opportunities for business expansion due to an expanded slate of buyers and visibility of new requirements for products. The portal tracks the demand and supply scenarios for Healthcare items and also their first-level components. The analytics generated from the platform is aimed at ensuring that, anticipated shortages of healthcare goods can be addressed and met at national level; Manufacturers can be signalled about over capacity and looming shortages; any national pandemic situation can be effectively handled; opportunistic pricing, hoarding and over-forecasting can be checked and overproduction can be avoided. CSIR expects this nationwide platform to overcome the hurdle of last-mile delivery of patient care within India by enhancing the availability and affordability of healthcare supplies.


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