When Zero Hour Strikes: The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code As An Exit Mechanism

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“Code”) caused a magnanimous shift in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy laws in India. The Code has transformed the insolvency regime from a “debtor in possession” to a “creditor in control” one, providing major control to the financial and operational creditors of a corporate debtor in an insolvency […]

Companies Act 2013: Criminal Liability Of Directors And Key Managerial Persons

While registered companies are considered separate legal entities, they rely on various officers to act and take necessary decisions on their behalf to function in a manner that is efficient and compliant with legal obligations. This fiduciary responsibility is assigned to its directors and key managerial persons (collectively referred to as “officers”). Such officers are required to discharge their […]

New Trends and Developments in The Private Equity Industry in India

While inbound investments into India were hit hard due to the pandemic in the early days, one can confidently say that there has been an upswing in private equity deals in recent times. Although India’s GDP contraction of more than 10% occurred initially, leading to the highest-ever annual fiscal deficit at 9.5% for the fiscal […]

Enforceability Of Emergency Arbitration Award Under Indian Law

Emergency arbitration is a concept that allows a party to apply for urgent temporary relief before an arbitration tribunal has been officially established. Simply put, emergency arbitration is a time-bound and short-term solution for parties that are not in a position to wait for the formation of the arbitral tribunal. Any emergency relief granted takes […]

Alternative Form Of Execution Of Contracts During Pandemic

Digital Contracts and Execution of Contracts Amidst COVID-19 “Novel Corona Virus” or “COVID-19” has not only resulted in a loss of lives but has also caused economic damage which is not easy to repair. The impact can be seen in the form of loss of business and employment in certain sectors of the economy since […]

COVID–19: A Friction Less Journey for Indian Automobile Industry?

State of Affairs of the Automobile Industry Amidst COVID 19 The nationwide lockdown has stopped the growth cycle of the economy. It has severely affected every industry and the automobile industry is one of them. The automobile industry is one of the main pillars of the Indian economy and today India is turning into a […]

Football Contracts – Has COVID-19 crippled the legs of the beautiful sport?

Impact of COVID 19 on Football in India and Across the World “The tragedy in sports is seeing a team beaten not by a better team, but by themselves.”               ~Bud Grant The core repercussion of tragedy is that it affects all, in one and the same manner. Football, the beautiful game has been […]

New Horizons for the Life Insurance Industry after COVID-19

The spread of Covid-19 has affected all industries worldwide and the insurance industry is no exception. Long-standing industries with established practices are having to revisit age-old models of operation to meet growing uncertainties in this ‘New Normal’. Insurance companies particularly those dealing in life insurance and health insurance are bearing the brunt of these uncertain […]