A Tacit ‘ME TOO’ amidst COVID-19: Virtual Sexual Harassment

Are You Really Isolated? Virtual Sexual Harassment And COVID “Intentional cultivation of workplace culture matters, and none of us should let that fall away in the adjustment to a new norm”[1] Working from home, or telecommuting has become a compulsory (furloughed) norm in the wake of social isolation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has entangled […]

A closer look at the Privacy Policies of Video-Conferencing Apps/Software

Where does our Privacy Stand with Video Conferencing Apps? “The times, they are changing” are words that were famously written and sung by Bob Dylan a little less than six decades ago, but these words are truly coming to life now in the wake of the current circumstances. The SARS CoV2/ Covid-19 or Novel Corona […]

Regulating E-Health Ecosystem: The dawn of healthcare delivery in India

How e-Health Ecosystem Evolved As A Backwash Of COVID-19 ? In this COVID-19 era, when most of the hospitals and health care facilities are dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients, it is the e-health technology that is coming to the rescue of non-COVID-19 patients. E-health or better known as “Digital Health” is defined by the World […]

Impact Of COVID-19 On Cyber World

The Unforeseen Effect of COVID-19 On The Cyber Sector – The Outline At the time of writing this article, almost 210 countries and territories around the world have reported approximately 16,50,000 COVID-19 positive cases and the death toll has also touched the figure of one lakh. Various international medical & research organizations and governments that […]