Companies Act 2013: Criminal Liability Of Directors And Key Managerial Persons

While registered companies are considered separate legal entities, they rely on various officers to act and take necessary decisions on their behalf to function in a manner that is efficient and compliant with legal obligations. This fiduciary responsibility is assigned to its directors and key managerial persons (collectively referred to as “officers”). Such officers are required to discharge their […]

FAQ’S for Indian employers: Can Employees be terminated during COVID-19?

Employee Termination During Covid 19 Crisis During the Covid-19, we, King Stubb & Kasiva, have been approached by clients across industry verticals who have made enquiries concerning Employment and Labour law related aspects in India. We are providing below excerpts and summary of our legal opinion for a few questions posed to us about termination […]

COVID 19: Answering all questions of an employer

At a time when the world is taken by the Covid-19 storm, the Indian Government, in order to contain the spread, morbidity, and mortality, declared a nationwide lockdown. This lockdown restricted not just the movement of humans and material in the nation but also demanded the closure of all kinds of businesses, establishments, and shops […]

Covid-19: To pay or not to pay Wages

Impact of Covid 19 Outbreak on Salary and Wages Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and it is not a new recommendation to stay at home and abide by social distancing as much as possible. While the government is struggling to contain the spread, morbidity, and mortality of COVID-19, the companies in India are […]

Employment In The Time Of Covid-19: Latest Updates

Employment during the Coronavirus Outbreak With the number of cases of Coronavirus affected individuals standing at a staggering 251 as on March 20, 2020, reported in 22 States and Union Territories of India, it has become imperative for everyone to take immediate action and scale up the response to detect, report, treat and reduce transmission […]